• Black friday sale!

    Tomorrow we're joining in with this whole Black Friday thing and we're offering one day of discount across everything in store. Everything; bikes and all. One disclaimer worth noting is that you cannot use the discount in conjunction with the Christmas Club and only applies to items purchased Friday, the 28th November 2014, we're afraid.

  • Christmas; from the world of cycling.

    Although there’s nothing intrinsically Christmas orientated
    about cycling, I’m betting that a cyclist can think of nothing they would like
    for Christmas more than some more bike stuff. I have to restrain and rethink
    what I want for Christmas when friends and family ask. I can’t just ask for
    money to buy more bits for the bike. So are there things that make for nice
    gifts and fulfil the need for more cycling orientated goods? 
    Here, I have compiled a little list of some of the items we
    have in store that we here at Wheelies believe will make for a good present and
    won’t just be relenting to your inner bike gremlins. 
    The obvious place to start for me is the new and now
    amazingly affordable GoPro. At £99.99, this amazing camera has now come within
    reach of the big but not ridiculous present category. Technology is always
    pricey but with GoPro you know you’re getting a reliable product and let’s be
    honest if you can afford one you know you want one and now it’s a little easier
    Second on the list are the Knog blinder lights which are
    always excellent presents with an edge of sensibility and a big nod to safety.
    These lights tick a lot of boxes, they’re small, rechargeable, bright, easy to
    fit and look brilliant in all their varying finishes and colours. They’re not
    crazy money for rechargeable units either at £23.99 per unit. 
    Third on the list is the cycling world’s answer to socks for
    Christmas, the ever-practcal cycling gloves. We have an extensive range from
    the extremely cosy numbers from the likes of Endura and SealSkinz to the bright
    and colourful Fox, Specialized and Alpinestars mountain bike gloves. Ranging from
    £20 to around £45 for full waterproof gloves we’ve got something for all riders
    and all weathers. 
    Lastly, but certainly not in terms of popularity, we have
    the newest range of longboards in store. These have been immensely popular for
    the build-up to Christmas so far and continue to draw a lot of attention.
    Starting at £74.99 and ranging up to £159.99 there are boards for novices and
    pros here and in some really nice finishes. Come check them out.
    Large items can be put aside for Christmas with a 10%
    deposit and a lot of what we have now is the last in store and the last that we’ll
    be able to get hold of until after Christmas. Give us a call with any questions.
    Written by Sam Price-Hunt.

  • Illuminating the possibilities

    Tags: Gemini, Lights, winter, night riding.

    With the nights drawing in more and more lately but our desire or need to keep

    riding not diminishing with the lack of light you have to turn to bike lights.



    More and more noticeably in recent years, light units have been getting brighter

    and smaller and it has never been more obvious to me than with this latest batch.


    A good example of this ever-decreasing unit size to light output ratio is found with

    the Gemini lights we’ve just had in here at the shop.

    Topping our range with a two LED 1500 Lumen set


    and starting off with an 800 Lumen set that seems barely big enough to cover the LED and its surrounding wiring,

    makes it incredibly aesthetically pleasing and light to wear as a helmet light.

    The entry point comes in at £129.99 and the higher power light is £154.99. With bar and helmet mounts

    and the battery not weighing a ton both are truly very versatile units for keeping you  riding right through

    the winter months.


    If you have any questions regarding these and any other lights in stock then feel free to give us a call.