• Is there a resurgence in Cycle touring?

    A few more customers of late have been showing an active interest in bespoke
    touring bikes. With this new interest the cycling industry does seem to have
    responded. If you casually scroll through Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest,
    you can get a sense of people actively looking at and working out their
    feelings towards proper touring bikes.

    These types of bikes tend to centre on a steel frame and have many more
    bosses on the frames for racks, mudguards and accessories to be fitted.
    Recently, disc brakes have become a more perminent and prominent feature,
    to deal with load-bearing and needing to stop in a controlled and calm manner.
    The handlebars are specially designed with comfort in mind for longer trips and
    the tyres, though the same height as a road bike, are fatter to deal with the
    added weight and road conditions.

    These bikes seem to be making a bit of a comeback recently. No longer is it
    necessary to make a road bike or a hybrid work for you to the best of it's
    abilities. You can buy a bike where it's designated purpose is to cover great
    distances comfortably and with all that you might need attached.

    Our best offering of one of these bikes in store is the Specialized Awol.
    We equipped it recently with some bits and pieces from the likes of Altura and
    Birzman along with some more Specialized bottles and cages. Here it is below.
    It's a medium frame and £999 before the accessories are added.

    They aren't necessarily the cheapest, but if we're honest and understanding,
    you wouldn't want to feel you were transporting tens of Kilos around the country
    or abroad on a cheap bike, made cheaply.

    Written by Sam Price-Hunt, Wheelies Blog writer.