• Specialized 2015 bikes arrive.

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    They're finally here. Although we're only just over the half way mark of 2014 it has felt like an age since talk of the new 2015 range started.

    Now we have the bikes here in the shop we can truly see what all the chatter was about.

    With some truly stunning looking bikes yet to come, these two below are just the tip of the ice-berg.

    With Specialized relenting and producing bikes in the 650b wheel size they now have an all new feel to match the reliable good looks and handling.

    Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Evo and Enduro Comp 2015

    Get on down to the shop and ask for more details. The Enduro pictured is the Comp at £2599.99 and the Stumpjumper is the Comp Evo at £2499.99.




    Written by Sam Price-Hunt, Wheelies blog writer.

  • 1x10 drivetrain conversion (work in progress)

    So I figured it was about time to change some things on my mountain bike.

    To be honest there isn't a month that passes when I haven't got something new

    I want to put on the bike.

    I've seen bikes with 1x11 coming through for some time and it's never been within budget

    but I figured 1x10 surely isn't that far off so why not try that.

    I selected a few bits that I needed and with the new Hope T-Rex cassette extender

    and a thick-thin chainring and topguide from Blackspire I reckoned I had the necessities.

    Now, they're all fitted to the bike and besides the normal fiddling required to fit chainguides,

    it seems pretty solid. I'll soon report back as to how well it's all working but I know that it feels

    lighter and there's less noise coming from that area, so far so good.

    Written by Sam Price-Hunt, Wheelies Blog writer.