• Putting a brave face on it.

    When it comes to saddles, I have started to wonder whether
    people who don’t complain are just putting a brave face on it. Are we all
    massively uncomfortable on our saddles and those who say that they aren’t are
    just lying? 
    Having just bought a new road bike (I won’t name names) and
    done a few hundred miles on it I find myself in agony. My last road bike was by
    the same manufacturers and wasn’t all that bad at all. It was never as
    comfortable as sitting in front of the television on a beanbag, but in
    comparison to the latest, it was heavenly. 
    I used to serve customers in the shop with one uniform
    response in terms of saddles. This was that there was much to be achieved
    through perseverance and the slight or quite major adjustment of both saddle
    and post. Having tried this myself on the new bike over the first few rides I
    eventually admitted defeat in the New Year. A ride over Christmas had me
    stopping to regain some feeling and then on returning to work I set about the
    business of finding its replacement. 
    I finally started thinking along the lines of Gel. Now, this
    had always seemed to me, to be totally unnecessary. However, as I find myself
    on the shop floor sitting on bikes and imagining the miles perched atop each
    one I find myself drawn more and more often to the Gel equipped numbers. 

    The brand I’m drawn to is Specialized with their Body
    Geometry saddles. I discovered a model with both lightweight credentials and
    Gel- a seeming impossibility I thought.  I’vegot one of these on order and I’ll 
    know soon enough if it’s the answer. The only other saddle I will recommend
    is the Spoon from Charge. I have this saddle on my commute bike currently
    and have had different ones many times before. It is the most generally
    comfortable and also, happily, one of the best looking saddles (a strange
    concept when you think about it really) that I’ve come across.

    My belief is
    that the pressure relief channel makes all the difference, but I
    don't know whether
    the cutaway as on the Specialized saddle above id fully
    necessary. We shall soon see though.
    I’m afraid that I won’t even attempt to tackle the world of
    ladies’ saddles here as my confidence has been knocked about men’s I don’t
    fancy making wide generalisations any more. 
    Written by Sam Price-Hunt, Wheelies blog writer. 

  • This is especially prudent around this way.

    With the Marina to Mumbles front and all the sand and salt this way,

    it's worth paying some attention to this little piece.